Our Partners

We are thankful to our partners who collaborated with us and supported us to make progress toward achieving education equality

Association for India’s Development is a volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development.

Eurekha movement is an AID initiative that works in the poorest villages of Tamilnadu to ensure quality education and health for children from marginalized families.

Students in the Maryland area create awareness on social, economic, and global issues

We support the school to build a better library

We support the school to build a better library

We support the school to build a better library

We support the school to build a better library

We support the school to build a better library

hoover high school

We support the school to build a better library


Del Mar Highlands and Carmel Mountain
Boxes to pack the books


We are excited about making progress towards the cause of bringing equality in education and are happy to hear from those who have worked with us, attended our programs, and benefitted from our initiatives.

Advay and Aarav Chandra from Learning Spaces provided our school community in City Heights with an amazing variety of books. For some of our children, this was the first book they could call their own. The impact behind an altruistic gesture like this, will forever be remembered by our students and their families. The smiles on young reader’s faces as they walk the halls with a book in hand is enough to make all our efforts worth it! It really does take a village to influence change and we feel extremely fortunate to be the recipients of such a needed act of kindness, especially during these unprecedented times. If we ever have the opportunity to give back in such an important way, we would love to encourage our school community to take part in a cause that changes the lives of children.

Stacie Donahue, Principal, Marshall Elementary, San Diego, CA

“Learning Spaces co-creators Aarav and Advay Chandra are amazing young men with an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart for community! I was so impressed when they reached out to Fulton K-8 offering a donation of age-appropriate books to share with our students. I quickly placed donated by: labels and prepared the books for our School Library shelves. Our students will begin to enjoy reading these books when the new school year begins!

Donna Morris Library Tech II, Fulton K-8, San Diego, CA

“On behalf of the Hoover community, we appreciate your efforts! Much respect to you!

Jason Babineau, Principal, Hoover High, San Diego, CA

“All the books we spoke of will make a great addition to our school. It is such a pleasure to see youths interested in promoting learning through books.”

Carol Ullman, Knox Middle School, San Diego, CA

“The students loved all of the books!  Tuesday is our last day of school, so if you can zoom to read for them, that would be great!  They would love to hear a story, too!”

Erin Summers, Alcott Elementary, San Diego, CA

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