A BIG Thank you to all of you that donated and supported in any form.

Thanks to your support, we were able to raise $13,200

Help the rural areas in India affected by COVID-19 second wave

Learning Spaces

partners with

to help

Association for India’s Development

Given the extraordinary humanitarian crisis in India, Learning Spaces  has partnered with
Youth Circle to fundraise and support AID. We seek your support to help India right now.

Whether it’s $10, $100 or $1000, it will save lives

Fundraising Goal: $15,000

Help india


  • Helplines and Helpdesks across rural India
  • Spread Awareness about vaccination and reduce misinformation
  • Essential Kits containing food items, sanitizers, masks, and information booklets
  • Securing Oxygen supplies via concentrators, cylinders and mini plants
  • Advocate for Indian and International government’s agreement on vaccine access, logistic, and customs support

Latest Updates from AID

AID’s COVID response

Please read to learn more about the latest updates from AID and the work related to COVID.

AID-India provides an in-depth report from rural Tamilnadu

On May 15, 2021, AID had a call with community organizers of AID-India, which is working in 2000 villages in various districts of Tamilnadu. AID-India’s field workers are creating awareness about COVID-19 and encouraging vaccination…

Lok Samiti rushes to provide emergency COVID relief in Varanasi

AID brings you an update on COVID relief measures from Nandlal Master and Lok Samiti, based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. In order to connect marginalised communities of the society to the mainstream

This week’s recap: Rural hospitals become operational, and more

One of the emerging focus areas in AID’s three-step response strategy is the installation of several rural field hospitals that have emergency medicines and equipment. The presence of trained professionals in these COVID care centers… 

aids partner

AID’s partners explain how COVID is scarring childhoods

Although children are less likely to get infected by COVID, they are still one of the the most vulnerable demographic groups. In our conversations with grassroots partners, we heard time and again about how the lives of children…

Awareness programs critical in Kalahandi as second wave reaches peak

As the second wave of COVID reaches its peak in the next several weeks, it is becoming increasingly critical to spread awareness in areas that were unscathed during the first wave…

MANTRA: Working to secure children’s futures amidst the chaos

If you see a cup as half full and do your bit, shoots of hope will crop up and soon the cup will fill up. MANTRA is one such organization that saw a crying need for corrective action and is working on filling the cup…

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