Libraries in the US schools and in rural India

Project Library: US

We have partnered with six schools in San Diego to ensure they have a rich library. Many libraries do not have books beyond the basic textbooks. In most of these schools, more than 80% of the children come from low-income families and getting access to books is not easy for them. Our goal is to ensure that these libraries have books like those that well-funded schools may have. In many regular households, books are given away every year after a single use. If we were to harness that through a book-drive, we imagine that we could collect enough books to build better libraries in these schools. And what a better way to involve the community to be a part of it!

San Diego’s Marshall Elementary School Project Library with Principal Donahue

Project Library: 2000 villages in rural India

Establish libraries in villages of India to encourage children to read: Lack of libraries in the rural villages means that books are not easily accessible for the children there. Research has shown that having libraries in local areas encourages children to build a reading habit. Partnering with Eurekha Superkidz and AID India, we aim to start establishing libraries in over 2000 villages in India that would reach 100,000 children. It a multi-year plan. The libraries would provide books to children between the ages of 5 and 14. The project would have a three-point plan: Read, Discuss and Write

  1. Promote reading by having access to a library nearby
  2. Encourage discussions through zoom-based book club meetups
  3. Write an alternate ending or twist to the story you read

To do this, we have first raised funds to support book titles and for phase 1 distribution. We have also selected 300 titles for different reading levels and sent them for distribution. Since the printing expenses are inexpensive in India, we are working with the AID India coordinators in India to get several other titles printed. In all, we need over 200,000 books to be rotated over a year across 2000 villages!

Project Library Gallery

Knox Middle School Project Library, San Diego
Hoover High School, San Diego
Clark Middle School, San Diego
Alcott Elementary School, San Diego
Fulton K-8, San Diego
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