Learning Spaces has collaborated with multiple groups to ensure some form of education reaches children, who otherwise may not have it easily available. While volunteering with different groups in the last few years, we realized that “equality of education” is an issue we became very passionate about. During COVID, we observed that many school children lacked proper access to books or to a continued “read and write” program that provided development. Being able to read (and write) is a very important component of learning as it builds knowledge and empowers children. We noticed that the education gap was more prominent in certain groups. Additionally, we realized that there was a need for advocacy and awareness of issues related to education gaps. So we started looking for ways to contribute to such groups in any way that could help them educate and hence get the strength to combat inequality. We also share our insights through our blog page.

Our Initiatives

Project Read to encourage reading habits

Reading is an important skill for one’s development. More importantly, one learns more as he or she reads. Through our Project Read initiative, we aim to read books to children across the world and encourage the children to read on their own.

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Learning Beyond Limits with AIDIndia As TeenAIDers

Teach middle and elementary schools in remote rural India to read and write in English. Covid forced schools to shut down in many rural areas in India. Children from low-income families are especially affected due to this. In order to empower them to learn, we found that it was critical to teach them to read and write. We have partnered with AidIndia’s Eurekha Education program and as TeenAiders teach such kids virtually. LBL is a rotation program with 8 subjects and we teach “English read and write”. We hope to teach over 70 kids by July, 2021. 

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Project Library in the US and in India

To encourage students to read, they need a good library. Through Project Library, we worked with San Diego schools and India to build libraries.

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COVID-19 Relief in rural Indian village

We partnered with Youth Circle and AIDIndia to raise funds to support care for these villages. While initial focus was care, we are now pivoting to vaccination drives.

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Learning Beyond Limits

Partnership with AID

India as TeenAIDers 29 middle school students in most rural parts of Tamil Nadu, India are now able to better read and write as a result of the English rotation program

Book Drive in San Diego

500 books as a result of recent book drive. Partnering with under-funded San Diego schools to get students access to these books

Library Project with AID India

First “I can be” series written to be distributed to 1500 villages with over 50,000 children


Learning Beyond Limits

Partnership with AID India as TeenAiders

54 Middle School students in remote parts of India are now able to read and write better as a result of English Read and Write program

Project Library: San Diego

1000 books from book drives donated to 6 under-funded San Diego schools so their students get access to an enriched library

Project Library: India
1000 village libraries: Phase 1

Libraries set up in 450 remote villages covering 30,000 children between 5 to 14 years old

Project Read: San Diego

Kicked off reading to classrooms at Alcott Elementary 2nd grade and  discussions on why reading is important

COVID-19: India

$13,146 raised and donated to AID India’s COVID-19 second wave efforts. This funds a relief packet (food rations, sanitizers, masks, and information booklets) for 250 families for one month

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