Achieve Social Justice through informationally-driven education reforms for children globally

“Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society”
– Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice, The Supreme Court of the United States

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Learning Beyond Limits

Partnership with AID India as TeenAiders

54 Middle School students in remote parts of India are now able to read and write better as a result of English Read and Write program

Project Library: San Diego

1000 books from book drives donated to 6 under-funded San Diego schools so their students get access to an enriched library

Project Library: India
1000 village libraries: Phase 1

Libraries set up in 450 remote villages covering 30,000 children between 5 to 14 years old

Project Read: San Diego

Kicked off reading to classrooms at Alcott Elementary 2nd grade and  discussions on why reading is important

COVID-19: India

$13,146 raised and donated to AID India’s COVID-19 second wave efforts. This funds a relief packet (food rations, sanitizers, masks, and information booklets) for 250 families for one month

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Advay Chandra, May 10, 2021

Since the pandemic struck in early 2020, computers and the internet have become essential to education. Most students in developed and several emerging countries have attended school online in the last fifteen months and the internet is the only way these students have connected with teachers. In fact, the only way for many schools to impart education in the last year or so has been through distance learning, the term used for online school.

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Raising awareness of an issue

Have you ever noticed that some issues become super important for a few weeks and then their popularity dies out as people move to the next thing? Whether it’s the war between Palestine and Israel, climate change or world hunger problem,

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Why is it important to motivate kids to read

Reading has a positive effect on oneself and on the community. It is important that school children and adolescents continue to develop a reading habit. Research has shown that reading not only helps with getting a job but also awakens their

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Does Digital Divide impact some cultures more?

Imagine two groups: one that lacks access to a computer and internet and another that is using advanced technology to make significant progress in science. Does this not represent a divide that could determine quality of life for a group? Technology

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